Dr.-Ing. Klaus Hohenstein

Foto von Dr.-Ing. Klaus Hohenstein

Background of experience

More than 30 years experience as General Manager in manufacturing companies / plant manager / production and operations manager and consultant in large and medium-sized enterprises in the metal producing and processing industry (ThyssenKrupp Automotive, Georg Fischer, Bosch, TRW, BPW, Tower Automotive, Putzmeister / SANY , Mühlhoff Forming, ...) Freelancer as an interim manager and consultant since 2007


  • Self employed, interim manager and consultant, more than 10 mandates & projects since 2007
  • CEO of a medium-sized steelmaker (forging, casting, centrifugal casting)
  • CEO of a pressuredie-cast manufacturer
  • CEO of a manufacturer for precision forged gear parts
  • CEO of a vehicle construction sub-supplier
  • Plant and Production Manager, Hot Forging
  • Director for Quality Management
  • Dr.-Ing Degree/Dissertation, research assistant at RWTH Aachen/Germany
  • Dipl.-Ing. Degree in Ferrous Metallurgy from RWTH Aachen/Germany

Core competence area

  • Key sectors are metal producing and metal-working industry, sub-supplier for automotive
  • Restructuring and process optimization
  • Efficiency and performance improvement
    (REFA, Six Sigma, CIP, Kaizen)
  • Material management to optimize material use (material- and material use efficiency)
  • Outsourcing and insourcing
  • Consulting and project management
  • Process know-how in the fields of metallurgy, metal forming, materials technology, heat treatment, mechanical machining, assembly and automation

Selected case studies

  • Interim production manager with a manufacturer of automotive synchronous transmission gears (TIER1 supplier)
  • Managing Director with a aluminum die casting manufacturer (TIER1 supplier)
  • Consultant (purchasing, engineering)? with a TIER1 supplier of passenger safety systems (seat belts, airbags, ...)