ATBF competence area: Development

Our expertise in the functional area of ​​development includes:

  • The development of components and systems (product development)
  • Process development
  • The organizational and corporate development

Thus we support the process-oriented ABTF customer solutions, especially the innovation and project management.

With "Integrated Product Development", we understand the balanced consideration of:

  • The customer's requirements
  • Requirements from the market (e.g. by customers of our clients)
  • Economic requirements (our customers have to "get value for their money")
  • Technical requirements
  • Obligations under the Criteria and
  • Aesthetic requirements (if applicable)

With a methodical and proven approach we develop commercially viable products and processes. By a structured, two-stage approach, we keep costs and development times in the given limits and achieve the goals set:



With the experience of many years of successful activity in the product, system and process development we can achieve early success in different organizational structures. With the passion for new and improved solutions, we support you in optimizing your development organization.

We know all of the measures you have to take and which method you must use from the "methods toolbox" to get your products ready for the market and / or to make your development more efficient and effective.

An optimized development department gives you the opportunity to intervene already at the beginning of the product development process with the necessary energy to save a lot of time and money:



From self-completed projects and from different studies, we know the success factors for product, process and organizational development:

  • Vision:
    What do we want to be in the future?
    With which technologies we want to work in the future?
  • Strategy:
    What do we want to do (ourselves)?
    How will we do it?
    With whom we cooperate (customers, suppliers)?
    Which megatrends we orient ourselves?
  • Customer orientation and market knowledge:
    Who are our customers?
    What do our customers want?
    What are the needs of the customers of our customers?
    What is identifiable with the customer value?
  • Minimum cost over the entire product life cycle (TCO = Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Cost oriented and transparent
  • Simple, clear and coordinated procedures and systems
  • Long-term and reliable planning and budgeting
  • Competence and Capacity: sufficient resources for the right strategically area
  • Motivated employees in a productive corporate culture
  • Efficient integration of external know-how and capacity development
  • Innovation-friendly environment:
    Appropriate corporate culture, innovation, organization and management

We support our customers

  • by optimizing their processes
  • in the management of development tasks

enable them to implement as many of these success factors (see "Solutions").

We prepare with our customers mandatory certifications such as ISO 9001, TS 16949 etc. and take this opportunity to review and, if necessary, optimize processes. Our approach: An efficient organization is optimally adapted to the needs of the company and thus almost automatically meets the criteria.

"Turn dynamics to success" – Success through dynamic development.