Solution: Internationalization

Current situation in the industry

Globalization and internationalization are not only purchasing-relevant for European automotive enterprizes but are becoming increasingly important for the development, sales and production issues. Preserving and enhancing the competitiveness force especially industrial SMEs to face the global market. "Think Global" dominates the daily business, although financial and personnel capacities are severely limited.

The assessment of future markets and production locations arises as a complex bundle of issues. Success depends on many factors that are rarely precisely quantifiable. Secure predictions are rare to get, risks and opportunities are balanced. Political and economic issues come first before making any investment decision. Also currency risks or unclear legal frameworks are to be taken into consideration. Incentives and financing issues must be discussed anew completely according to the latest developments in the financial sector.

Stable relationships with customers and suppliers are equally important success factors such as human resource topic of adaptation to languages and cultures.

Finally, logistics issues are to be considered such as warehousing and model changes.

Typical projects

  • Design and implement of an internationalization strategy involving Far-East production sites while protecting domestic jobs
  • Reduction of customer dependence by developing into an internationally established system supplier
  • Development of a training concept for improving the country-specific product and market knowledge of the middle management
  • SWOT evaluation of foreign markets and production sites
  • Services as an export item

Our performance - your benefit

  • Timely limited take-over of key functions
  • Focus on implementation
  • Internationally experienced specialists shorten response times 
  • Project management
  • Restructuring, reorganization, reorientation
  • Clearly calculable costs

„Turn dynamics to success”

Utilize the dynamics of globalization for your own enterprise.


  • Focus on medium-sized automotive companies
  • High level of expertise through specialization
  • Implementation-oriented work
  • Practical
  • Short response times
  • Experienced Managers