Inventory reduction

Current situation in the industry

OEM’s want to detect delivery bottlenecks early and get transparency within the SC network. All partners as OEM, logistics providers and tier 1-3 suppliers react flexiblely to customer requests (built to order) by offering a large product variety. This forces different inventory strategies. High inventories combined with too lower inventory turnover and slow movers affect the cash flow and the responsiveness of the logistics service provider and the tier1-3 supplier.

This area of conflict needs to be optimized:

Typical projects

  • Development of product-group-oriented production teams
  • Reduction of different planning levels
  • Reduction of the number of variants by standardizing
  • ABC analysis of inventory
  • Value analysis in logistics
  • Make or Buy Projects
  • Introduction of KANBAN systems
  • Optimization of supplier management
  • Determine the optimal order quantity
  • Optimization of spare part strategy
  • C-parts management
  • Slow Mover Strategies

Our performance - your benefit

We help you that this area of conflict will be analyzed by field-proven tools. After the inventory analysis you receive an action plan that will increase your cash flow and reduce your inventory. A later implemented controlling system will ensure the sustainability of the measures in future. Your value gain lies in low capital employed, stock capacity optimization and your increased responsiveness.


Only practitioners create "added value". 

"Turn dynamics to success"