ABTF competence area: Human Resource

Current situation in the industry

Frequent model changes as well as fluctuating demands make fast and flexible adaptation in particular in the production areas necessary. Further increasing cost pressure additionally requires a stringent management of personnel costs. Therefore, the design of a social partnership in a globally linked HR work is of particular importance. Increasing dynamics and complexity of everyday work of employees requires a professional accompaniment of change processes. At the same time it is necessary to attract highly specialized professionals and managers and to foster their commitment towards the company.

Typical projects (examples)

  • Interim HR Manager for a German plant of a 1st tier automotive supplier
    The vacant position of a HR manager could not be adequately staffed in short time. The cooperation with the works council turned out to be extremely difficult. Parts of staff should be encouraged to change from a tariff-bound part of the enterprise in a different, non-tariff part. Parts of the production should be shifted abroad. Within a year the HR processes were stabilized. The necessary decisions were taken and implemented. The reputation of the HR department has been significantly improved.
  • Negotiating an ERA house tariff for a German subsidiary of a US aerospace company
    Due to possible wage reductions for some employees and the high complexity of the ERA approach there was a high potential for conflict in the introduction of the new ERA-tariff structure. A new collective agreement was negotiated that allows the employer to set the wage scale determined jobs in a way that there were only a few increases. Overall, the exemplary calculated costs by the tariff partners for the ERA-tariff shift were undercut by 40%. No employee has appealed against his new ERA-classification.
  • Interim Executive Vice President Global Human Resources for an automotive supplier (TecDAX Company); Negotiation of reconciliations of interest / social plans for reorganization and restructuring; Establishment of professional HR structures
    Due to a short-term resignation of the global HR director all HR work packages for the implementation of a transnational reorganization were at risk. By negotiation and conclusion of the “reconciliation of interests/social plan” the necessary conditions have been created to implement within a few weeks especially in Germany. For the upcoming subsequent restructuring program a “reconciliation of interests/social plan” could be successfully completed. Accompanying change management activities supported the respective operational changes successfully. On a worldwide basis moreover, a new HR strategy was formulated and missing HR tools were developed and implemented. These include, inter alia, a target agreement process, recruiting- and retention measures, as well as a new compensation model for the sales organization.

Our service - your advantage

An experienced HR interim manager can help in cases where...

  • the company lacks important know-how
  • specific topics need professional support
  • critical projects need to be controlled professionally in addition to the daily business
  • sudden needs for HR executives e.g. because of sickness and/or resignation

Industry experienced ABTF partners bring sound expertise, high managerial- and social skills, years of experience and a clear view from the outside into your company. They focus on the agreed tasks and solve problems quickly and efficiently. Your employees benefit from this expertise and learn how to handle similar issues in future.