ABTF competence area: Production

Current situation in the industry

The international competition are noticeable particularly in the automotive and aerospace industries. For years, jobs are advertised and awarded worldwide, international standards lead to an almost arbitrary interchangeability of suppliers.
In Central Europe the industrial added value and the associated jobs can thus be obtained only by competitive structures and highest efficiency. The right processes at the right place are crucial. Due to the faster change enterprises often need to act very quickly and with the necessary expertise and capacity to exploit the remaining opportunities.
Due to the heavy workload from the daily business and the most scarce internal resources external support is the most appropriate solution in the production area.

Typical Projects

  • Coordination of relocation of production to Eastern Europe: development of components and manufacturing equipment in Germany, relocation and start of production at a new plant in Eastern Europe
  • Fit for Automotive:
    Support of a supplier from southern Europe in the redesign of its production line and processes in terms of automotive industry
  • Design of a new production line:
    Value stream analysis and optimization of a new assembly production, including investigation of various joint venture models and international suppliers Locations

Our Performance - Your Benefit

  • Analysis and if necessary clear elaboration of the vision, objectives and strategy
  • Development of measures to optimize the processes and the international distribution of tasks
  • Organization and implementation of a lean production structure, possibly in collaboration with renowned consulting firms
  • Active support: "Walk the talk"
  • Coaching, if necessary

We not only assist you in the analysis and design of concepts but also take over the responsibility for the implementation - supporting or conducting. Using the methods of "lean production" or the "Toyota Production System", we strengthen your business for the competition.

"Turn dynamics to success" - seize the opportunities of change in order to be successful in international competition