Solution: Project Management

Current situation in the industry

For various reasons, a well-organized project management also for mid-sized companies is becoming increasingly important.

Increasing demands on qualification and documentation of components and processes are asked from the suppliers, also in second and third tier. With a coordinated project management one can save time and money and improve quality and customer satisfaction.

Due to the increasing variety of products significantly more and more projects are to be handled in parallel than in the past in many companies. This multi-project management is new to some companies and therefore requires a lot of attention.

The requirements in the automotive supply industry are very different than in other industries - a world of its own. The customers expect, however, that their suppliers find their way through themselves. The task of project management is to play the scout and identify all relevant requirements to put into action and ensure success.

Typical projects (Examples)

  • With an automotive supplier a project has been started "on call" and was planned and documented very individually. Priorities shifted daily, sometimes hourly. With relevant employees of the company, a special multi-project management system was developed and implemented: standardized project planning and documentation, traceable method to the selection and prioritization of projects, handy overviews for management ...
  • Project management for the development and market introduction of high quality and complex vehicle modules with three different innovative elements. The implementation was primarily driven by a consistent project management with special attention to innovation. Simple and robust planning and monitoring instruments were successful and superior to a parallel imported complex database system, at least in some areas.

Our performance - your benefit

We support our customers in project management:

  • Analysis of the existing project management system and reflection on the demands of the customer and the company (for example, management of resources and result)
  • Joint development and tuning of an optimum for the enterprise project management system
  • Structured introduction of the new project management system
  • Active support: "implementing instead of talking"
  • Coaching, if necessary

 We create together with you the appropriate solution for your business project management system, actively support the introduction, allow you the best use of your capacities and thus create the conditions for economic success and high customer satisfaction.


We provide your company a recognizable and sustainable added value by taking into account the three main project objectives:

We are proven professionals who have achieved noticeable success in complex tasks in different corporate cultures and have demonstrated leadership and social skills.

As an additional, temporary capacity, we relieve your key personnel in a productive and on the task focused atmosphere - free from political career interests and personal dependencies. With the unbiased view of the (initially) outsiders we find potential for improvement, not any more recognized by long-time employed personnel.

Through our implementation experience and passion we differ from the classic consultants. With our technical and methodological knowledge, we work with you to efficient, effective and above all practical solutions that contribute to your long-term success. As a leading industry specialist, we focus on professional interim management in the automotive industry, in projects and in line organizations. We bring business applications right from the start.

We studied, used and further developed various project management systems in different functions. Therefore, we will develop and implement the right solutions for your business and your project structure together with you.

Turn dynamics to success - success by improved project management!