Solution: Supplier Management

Our approach for supplier management

  • Holistic approach
  • Analysis of value creation and business processes
  • Purchasing potential analysis for all material groups
  • "make or buy" analysis
  • C-parts management
  • Supply Chain Management

Typical projects (Examples)

  • Project management
    Assumption of a time-limited project task such as restructuring of your purchase or logistics
  • Vacancy Management
    Bridging of an unforeseen vacancy in purchasing and logistics
  • Change Management
    Support in the change process, e.g. in a due diligence, insolvency or in the event of a takeover or merger.

Our performance - your benefit

We support you in the field of supply chain management by

  • Definition of your procurement strategy
  • Selection of strategic suppliers
  • Active development of your suppliers
  • Definition and outsourcing skills to the supplier
  • Supplier auditing


Our procurement experts have experience in both line management functions as well as in various consulting projects. Proven supplier databases help us to find the optimum suppliers for you worldwide. Cooperation partners to support us to achieve your standard of product quality and cost.

As a leading industry specialist, we offer professional interim management, both in the line organization as well as in projects in the automotive industry.