Dr. Michael Dobers

Photo of Dr. Michael Dobers

Background of experience

Interim Manager for technical leadership positions (CTO, projects) and organisational development / Change Management tasks.

Career History

  • CTO, Director Operations
  • Head of Quality Management at Bosch, Marconi, Ericsson
  • Director Service Engineering
  • Bosch: production & development project leader (electronics)
  • Physicist (Max-Planck, Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris)
  • Start-ups, medium sized businesses, large multinationals

Focus Areas

  • Head of Engineering, Product Development, Quality Management, Project Management
  • Electronics, mechatronics

Selected Reference Projects

  • CTO: Establishment of an international Start Up for Actuation in automotive & telecoms
  • Project Manager of an international medium sized automotive supplier: product development & - industrialisation (seating comfort)
  • Development project leader of a large multinational plc within special purpose machinery
  • Director Operations of a Start Up: development and sales of mobile terminals (telecoms)
  • Closure of a small production location (railway industry)