Case study: Warranty / Recall


Automotive supplier (tier 1)


Settlement of Warranty- / Recall-actions


  • Delivery / use of defective precursors
  • Through a complex downstream supply chain unclear situation how and where finally in use (final product and region)
  • Uncertainty as to whether, in what  kind and when an error or outages could occur
  • Many involved parties (supplier, competitor, customer, insurance, various consultants) / global issue


  • Localize and/or investigate affected vehicles
  • Definition of test procedures for the determination of failure effect and failure consequences
  • Planning / implementation of exchange processes
  • Determination of the original cause of the error and definition of corrective actions
  • Coordination of all issues between all parties - Information Management


approx. 1 year


  • All affected vehicles have been identified (based on VIN)
  • Through appropriate tests vehicle groups could be formed
  • Where necessary parts have been replaced
  • The causative fault was found - suitable corrective or corresponding controls were defined
  • The project has been settled to the satisfaction of all parties