Case study: Relocation of production and production start-up in Eastern Europe


International automotive supplier (tier 1), mechanical assemblies,
numerous locations around the world, approx. 12 billion €.


Production start-up for a supply project with approx. € 50 million annual turnover:

  • Development of a German location
  • Production planning and preparation at two other locations in Germany
  • Production of a newly constructed Eastern Europe location
  • Development of modules for series production, transfer and commissioning of production, coordination and implementation of processes ...



Coordination of activities at the various sites, transfer of data and knowledge, training of new employees, implementation of processes, support for the commissioning of production, ...


From the preparation of the relocation to the pilot series at the new plant: approx. 5 months.


  • Employees in the German plants support the shift
  • New employees in the Eastern European business  take over responsibility
  • Pilot production started at the scheduled time
  • Project maturity and progress as expected by the customer